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Realistic Vampire Fangs with adhesive kits

20 October 2020, 2:47

State of Western Australia, Greenmount

Price 15 USD

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ad realistic vampire fangs with adhesive kits



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Realistic Vampire Fangs with adhesive mix kits. The powder and liquid can be used to make a soft temporary fit or made at maximum hardness for custom removable snap fit, like Scarecrow brand fangs.

$15 per pair




PICKUP Only - Annandale 2038



Genevieve Schebeck
Genevieve Schebeck
online 1 year ago


23 December 2018




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Please read the instructions below and confirm you understand that depending how you mix the dental adhesive, you may have a hard time removing the fangs Lightly coating the teeth with Vaseline may make it easier to make a hard set snap fitting. Mix powder with a few drops of liquid in 2:1 ratio. You only need about 2-5 drops of liquid, double that amount of powder. Try to keep the temperature at about 21C. Higher temp will cause the glue to dry faster. Use a mixing stick to mix the liquid and powder on wax paper or plastic board for about gently for 30 seconds until you get a paste, then scoop and spread the area that you need to adhere. Dry your teeth of any saliva by dabbing it with napkins or paper towels. Insert teeth, with glue spread evenly, then bite down and hold for TWO MINUTES. Wipe off excess glue. To remove, hold warm water (like temperature of hot coffee) in your mouth, try to hold it for 3 minutes at a time. After doing this two times, the glue should soften allowing removal. If it still doesnt work, do it one more time, then shake the teeth loose. Any excess glue can be removed easily with toothpicks or such. WARNING: please use a large mixing surface, please mix gently as hard agitation may cause glue to solidify early, please use enough liquid, as too little liquid will not cause it to stick properly. Start over if you added not enough. Please close container to prevent moisture from contaminating either liquid or powder. Do not touch eyes with either ingredient. In case of exposure, watch immediately and thoroughly with large amount of water. One fake teeth needs glue size of one grain of rice. Use too much and youll have a hard time taking it off.


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